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Infinity RPG Wave 1 Review – Player’s Guide / Quantronic Heat / Adventures in the Human Sphere

If you’re new to Infinity or the Infinity RPG, check out our Infinity RPG Core Book review for full details of the system. The Infinity RPG Wave 1 releases consists…

Atomic Robo RPG Header

Talking with Mike Olson about Atomic Robo RPG

Mike Olson sat down to tell us a little about the thought behind creating the Atomic Robo RPG. During this interview, we talk about the game, the system, and even…

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Talking with Titans: Privateer Press’ Simon Berman at GenCon 2014

Privateer Press has been all over the place with new and exciting releases.  Their flagship game, Warmachine, is eleven years old now and they’ve gotten used to having big releases…