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EDM DJ Steve Aoki Acquires eSports Organization Rogue

Everybody’s favorite cake-throwing/trampoline-jumping EDM DJ Steve Aoki has purchased and announced the new partnership with the nascent eSports organization Rogue during Aoki’s performance at this year’s Twitchcon. The press release…


Sneaky Sneaky Review – Those googly eyed sprites

“Sneaky Sneaky” is awesome. Borrowing gameplay elements from stealth, roguelike, turn-based RPG, puzzle and even Zelda games, Sneaky Sneaky manages to take all these influences¬†and turn them into a ¬†glorious…

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Devious Dungeon Review

Devious Dungeon is a fun platformer rogue-like game that is very similar to the likes of Rogue Legacy and Vertical Drop Heros. The gist of the game is this, there…