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[Rumor] New Batman Arkham Title To Be Announced

It has been three years since the release of Batman: Arkham Knight, which seemingly ended the series in a definitive and satisfying manner. However, reports have begun to circulate that…

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Batman: Arkham VR Review – I’m the Goddamned Batman

Let’s be honest here: you wanted to be Batman at some point in your life. It’s okay to admit it, everyone has. Now we have Batman: Arkham VR to finally…

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Return to Arkham: A Rocksteady Retrospective

There have been many Batman games throughout gaming history, from arcade cabinets to handhelds, PC to consoles. WB never seems to turn down the opportunity to cash in one of…

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Batman: Arkham Knight

The final game in the Batman Arkham trilogy, Batman must take down the Arkham Knight and save Gotham from Scarecrow’s plot.

Batman Arkham City Pre Order Editorial

Batman: Arkham Knight – Why You Shouldn’t Pre-Order

Batman: Arkham Knight is a good game, that much is clear. It has been receiving stellar reviews on Metacritic, with the PS4 version receiving a score of 89 out of…