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Roadhog Articles

Château Guillard Courtyard Statue

Overwatch Deathmatch & Château Guillard Now Available On PTR

Following a Developer Update video featuring Overwatch Game Developer Jeff Kaplan, the new Overwatch deathmatch gameplay and Château Guillard map are now available on the game’s Public Test Realm according to the…

Overwatch Roadhog Heroic Emote Dorado

Overwatch Details Roadhog Defensive Buffs

Overwatch Principal Designer Geoff Goodman has responded to a forum thread that presented an idea for buffing Roadhog’s defense. In his response, Mr. Goodman has detailed their currently in progress…

Overwatch Mercy Uprising Resurrection

Balancing Overwatch: Mercy, Roadhog, and Winston

As most people may know, game balancing can be a fickle thing. Of course, it always sounds like the easiest thing in the world, but adding an extra point of…

Overwatch Ana Salute

“Nerf this!” – New Overwatch PTR Update Nerfs D.Va, Ana and Roadhog

It was mentioned in a recent article that Roadhog would be getting a nerf to his hook relatively soon, and we didn’t know how soon it would be at the…


Overwatch is Reining in Roadhog’s Hook

One of the most frustrating (or lovely depending on your perspective) things about Overwatch is getting hit by a Roadhog hook from the around the corner. For those who don’t…