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League of Legends

League of Legends is one of the most played video games of all time, and the most popular MOBA currently available, with hundreds of champions to choose from.


Radiant Entertainment Gives More Details on Riot Acquisition

Last week it was announced that Radiant Entertainment was being acquired by Riot Games. As a result Radiant Entertainment explained that they would keep developing their crowdfunded game StoneHearth but…


Radiant Entertainment Acquired by Riot Games

More changes have come to League of Legends creator Riot Games as they acquire a new company as part of their growing ranks. Back in December Chinese gaming company Tencent…

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Riot Games Fixing League of Legends Store Exploit

League of Legends is currently suffering from a major exploit, one that is allowing players to hack into the in-game store. Several hackers have found a way to force access to…

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League of Legends Championship Series 2015: Cloud 9

With the North American League of Legends Championship (Or LCS ) series coming up soon, as well as fantasy LCS now being completely up and running thanks to Riot taking…

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Riot Develops Dedicated Network For LoL

Recently, Riot Games announced its plan to build its own network to handle traffic for its online game League of Legends. In the post, brand strategist Charlie Hauser explains that…

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League of Legends World Championship will be live on ESPN3

The League of Legends World Championship is soon upon us and news has recently broke that ESPN will be covering the event on their online streaming service, ESPN3. If there…


How to Handle Trolls and Toxicity in MOBAs

“You SUCK. Surrender now and UNINSTALL, ****” Chances are if you’ve played a game like League of Legends, DotA 2 or SMITE, you’ve probably heard stuff like this directed at…