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Razer Announces New Currency System zVault, Announces Partners

Gaming peripheral and hardware manufacturer Razer have announced zVault, a new kind of system with a new kind of digital currency you can use to buy Razer’s products ,items in a…

October Games 2016

October Game Releases

Are you interested in finding out what is releasing this month? Well, we’re here at TechRaptor to help you with not just the biggest titles, but plenty of smaller ones…

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Oculus Rift’s Latest Update Removes Hardware Checking DRM

One of the hot topics in the current Virtual Reality scene is visor compatibility. Both the HTC Vive and the Oculus Rift have in their store games exclusive to their platforms…


The Seven Sins of MMORPGs – Part 3

I previously spoke about how the narrow focus of the MMO endgame is ultimately hamstringing the genre from achieving greatness. For the final act, I’ll talk about the game world…


The Seven Sins of MMORPGs – Part 2

Previously, I spoke about how the insistence on including leveling up in MMORPGs is ultimately pointless. Adhering to this decades old tradition is only the beginning of the problems that…

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Oculus to Disallow Adult Entertainment on Oculus Store

Less than a month ago, Palmer Luckey announced that sexual content would not be blocked on the Oculus Rift. However today, Business Insider ran an article where a representative from Oculus clarified…