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EA Wants Neural Networks To Build Games

This past week, EA’s Patrick Söderlund announced the creation of the new SEED division – but failed to explain what that meant and what SEED would be other than a…

SEED Header

EA E3 2017: SEED and Scorpio

At E3 this year, EA announced their new SEED research division. Standing for “Search for Extraordinary Experiences Division”, SEED aims to research new technology like Microsoft’s Scorpio, and use emergent…

Killing Floor 2 Steam Dismembered Violence

Two Studies Suggesting Link Between Gaming & Real-Life Violence Have Been Retracted

Quartz reports that two studies that suggested a link between playing video games translating to real-world violence have been pulled. The first study was titled Boom, Headshot! and originally published…


Another Study Fails to Prove Games Lead to Sexism

It is that time again, time for yet another study supposedly proving that video games are causing the downfall of society where the message they want you to take is…