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Microsoft to Offer Steam-like Self-Service Refunds

Microsoft is supposedly offering self-service refunds for Windows 10 and Xbox One Users, according to images posted on the Xbox One Reddit. A screenshot showing what appears to be an alpha…

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Steam Fined $3 Million For Refusing Refunds

Due to Steam having been found to have breached Australian Consumer Laws, Valve Corporation has been hit with a $3 million fine by Australia’s Federal Court. The fine, which was…

Civilization VI

$15.99 Civilization VI Was An Error; Being Refunded + Bonuses

Yesterday, we and many others spotted that Games Republic had what appeared to be a rather insane deal on the new Sid Meier’s Civilization VI Deluxe Edition for only $15.99, only a…

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Valve Facing Up to $3 Million in Fines in Australia

After being found guilty earlier this year, Kotaku Australia is reporting that Valve is facing up to $3 million in fines from the Australian Courts over their lack of a…

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Need a Refund for Pokemon GO? Not many Options.

The latest patch to Pokemon GO has left some of its millions of players with a bad taste in their mouth. With the removal of tracking features, and third party apps meant…

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Steam Finally Offering Refunds For Games

Steam announced today that it will start taking refund request for games bought on nearly any game for any reason. This announcement comes after many years of gamers asking for…