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2064: Read Only Memories Announces Full Voice Cast

On October 6th, 2015 the Kickstarter success game Read Only Memories released to generally positive reviews. A couple months ago an updated version was announced, and now developers MidBoss have…

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Humble Bundle Focuses on Narrative Games

Each week Humble Bundle puts up a new bundle, usually with a theme. This week they introduced the Humble Narrative Bundle, which has seven games with a focus on story…

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More Information About 2064: Read Only Memories and Read Only Memories: Type-M

About a week ago it was announced that Read Only Memories would be getting an updated version titled 2064: Read Only Memories that would include voice acting and new content,…

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Read Only Memories Getting Huge Update, New Name

A Kickstarter success story, Read Only Memories came out on October 6th, 2015. Now it seems that the game will be getting a huge update, one so big that developers…

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Read Only Memories Announces DLC, Mobile &Console Ports

Read Only Memories, a retrofuturistic pixel point and click game by Midboss, is getting its first “big” DLC on Janurary 2nd as well as mobile and console ports according to an announcement on…