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WannaKey WannaCry Decrypter

Wannacry Ransomware Decrypters WannaKey & WannaKiwi Released

Two separate decryption tools to get around the encryption scheme used in the Wannacry¬†ransomware have been released as reported by The Hacker News. WannaCry (also known as Wcry or Wanna)…

Touhou Seirensen Undefined Fantastic Object

Ransomeware Turns Your Files Into The High Score Prize In Anime Shoot-’em-up

What’s worse than having your files held hostage by ransomware? Having them held hostage until you can score 200,000,000 points in an anime shoot-’em-up is probably not the answer you…


New Ransomware is Targeting Video Games

Ransomware is a particularly notorious type of malware, used by hackers to encrypt your own files and demand a payment of Bitcoins in exchange for the key needed to decrypt…