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Mario Rabbids Kingdom Battle Review Header

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Review – Raving Renzors

Nintendo’s Italian plumber has been in a lot of spin-offs over the years. When everything from kart racing to basketball to bumper balls is fair game, nothing should really be…

mario rabbids kingdom battle season pass

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Season Pass Announced

One of the surprise (if you ignored the leaks) announcements of E3 2017, Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle mashes the Mario universe with that of Ubisoft’s Rabbids in the form…

MarioRabbids Kingdom Battle Art

E3 2017 – Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Hands On Impressions

Even with the game’s existence being leaked out weeks in advance, I’d say that Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle is still one of E3’s biggest surprises. From Mr. Miyamoto coming out to…

Rabbids Mario Nintendo Ubisoft

[Rumor] Rabbids/Mario RPG Crossover Coming for Nintendo Switch

It’s in front of everyone’s eyes that Nintendo finally decided to loose the grip on their licenses a little bit lately. The most notable example we had this year is…


Montreal To Face Incursion of Rabbids

Rabbids, those 2003-looking things from several of Ubisoft’s Rayman games, are going to have their own ‘amusement center‘ in Canada soon. The Rabbid Amusement Center is not an asylum or…

e3 2014 ubisoft

E3 2014 Ubisoft – What we should expect

With E3 coming next week, we here at TechRaptor thought we would show you what we expect to see from the major publishers. Let’s look at Ubisoft. Their press conference…