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gog noclip classic gaming sale

Grab Great Games At A Steal In The GOG Noclip & Classic Gaming Sale

Lots of great games come out every day, and many of them are standing on the shoulders of giants. Planet Coaster wouldn’t exist if Rollercoaster Tycoon didn’t come before it, Two Point Hospital…

Humble Bundle Logo

Humble Bundle Brings Classic and Modern Sierra Games Together

Yesterday a bunch of Sierra (and some other Activision) classics got rereleased onto Steam. Today we know why, as the Humble Sierra Bundle offers 4 tiers of 35 games. The…

indie interview corey and lori cole

Indie Interview: Corey and Lori Cole on Hero-U

I had the opportunity yesterday to speak with Corey and Lori Cole of Transolar Games on their current project Hero-U: Rogue to Redemption, currently on Kickstarter, with just under half of its…