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John Romero Quake multiplayer

John Romero Refutes Tim Willits with the Real History of Multiplayer Only Maps

In a recent blog post, John Romero has refuted claims made by Tim Willits that he invented the idea of mulitplayer-only maps during his work on Quake. The claims were…

quake champions blood covenant arena

Quake Champions Will Have Free to Play and For Pay Options

Recently, Creative Director of Quake Champions Tim Willits spoke to Polygon where he revealed that Quake Champions will have both a free to play and for pay option for players. The…

Quake Header

First Person Spotlight – Quake

Twenty years ago on this very day, a tremor was felt across the FPS genre. June 22nd, 1996 marked the release of iD Software’s Quake, their third genre-defining step into the…

Quake Champions

[Updated] Bethesda E3 2016 – Quake Champions Announced

Opening the Bethesda conference at this years E3, today we were given an announcement trailer for id software’s Quake Champions. The conference showed off a CGI teaser of the arena…

Devil Daggers Wallpaper Cover Art

Devil Daggers Review- Giving The Devil Its Due

I got to give credit to Devil Daggers. When I first played it, the title felt like a forgettable score-chaser game. A flash in the pan that was barely worth…