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2016 09 25

The Metronomicon Coming to Consoles, Adding New Content

One of my biggest surprises in 2016 was rhythm RPG The Metronomicon. I could gush for a long time about all the things that I loved about the game, but…

2016 09 25

The Metronomicon Review – The Dancing Queen is in Town

Combining RPG and music game elements isn’t the most original idea. Square Enix has put out two Theatherythm Final Fantasy games on the Nintendo 3DS that did it quite well. Looking on…

Weaponographist logo small

‘Rogue-Lite’ The Weaponographist Announced for Steam

Having previously worked together on Concursion, indie initiative Puuba and British publishing house Mastertronic have once again joined forces to release ‘rogue-lite’ The Weaponographist on Steam next year.