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Creepy Brawlers Review – Classics Rising From The Grave

Nostalgia is a powerful force and has been a large driver of video game development and sales in recent years. We’ve seen all kinds of these throwbacks from remasters to…

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Punch-Out!! Meets Pumpkinhead in Creepy Brawlers

The greater gaming community is very good about keeping old platforms alive. Releases like the string of SHUMPs that bolstered the Dreamcast’s lineup after its early demise keep fans excited…

Genyo Takeda Banner 2

Nintendo Veteran Genyo Takeda Retires

Nintendo’s Genyo Takeda, one of the longest-serving staffers in the company’s history at 45 years, has announced his retirement at the age of 68 from his position on the board…

NES Classic Edition Preview Image

[Updated] Nintendo Calms Fears About Low Stocked NES Classic Editions

Update: Toys’Я’us opened up online orders for the NES Classic Edition once again yesterday. Late last night emails went out to those who ordered initially letting customers know that their orders would…

Nintendo Classic

[Updated] Nintendo Is Re-Releasing the NES This November

Update: Nintendo has confirmed that the 30 games that come with the device will be the only games the NES Classic Edition will be getting. The console is a standalone device,…

NES Famicom Visual Compendium Kickstarter

Nintendo DMCAs NES Visual Compendium Kickstarter

Nintendo has shut down a Kickstarter for a project which was making a compendium book of NES/Famicom-era art as reported by Game Informer. The Nintendo Entertainment System/Famicom: a visual compendium Kickstarter…