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Trends, Greed & the Gaming Industry

Updated Editor’s Note 11/7/2017 – In an effort to further commit to our editorial vision of quality content about nothing but games or the industry, we are leaving this note…


BitComposer Files for Insolvency

German Publisher BitComposer has recently filed for insolvency, and as of December 3rd it is now under the insolvency management of attorney Dr. Robert Schiebe of Frankfurt/M. BitComposer is the…

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Gen Con 2014 Spotlight: LM Studios

Time can seem to stand still  for some players in the turn based combat we’ve come to associate with JRPGs, but when we got an opportunity at Indy PopCon to…

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Gen Con 2014 Spotlight: Floodgate Games

Floodgate Games is a board game publisher based in Minneapolis that will be attending Gencon this year to promote Epic Resort. They’ve had a highly successful campaign getting funded on…