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TWD Morality 3

The Moral of the Story: The Relationship Between Morality and Gaming

Life is full of choices. Choices that you make every day. Cereal or toast? Google or Bing? Dominos or Pizza Hut? Bert or Ernie? All incredibly serious decisions as you…

dream research cover

Combat Games May Protect You From Nightmares

If you’re a fan of first person shooters and survival combat games, research is now showing you may not be as put off by nightmares as most. A recent study…

Dark Souls Prepare to Die Edition Dragon Fight

Playing Roles: The Psychology of Player Agency

How important is player agency in a RPG? For a lot of people, this seems like one of those no-brainer answers, decreeing “very important” to the rafters. Like everything, however,…

xbox blood violent

A Video Game Study Proposal

So, the American Psychological Association, after quite a bit of criticism, even from within the ranks of Psychology experts, has reaffirmed their stance that video games and aggression are linked,…

video games and aggression

APA Says Link Between Aggression and Video Games Still Stands

Long have gamers had to hear about the purported link between video games and violence, and one of the organizations that has long been used as a source supporting that…