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Sony Fined by Italian Anti-Trust Authority For Not Making the Need of PS+ Obvious Enough

As most of our readers are probably well aware, one of the drawbacks of playing on a console is the need to pay a separate monthly subscription fee in order…

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October Playstation Plus Lineup Features Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

October is here and this month’s PlayStation Plus offering is one of the best this generation with a staggering 9 games to play for the low price of a PS+…

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PlayStation Plus August 2017 Offers Explosions, Assassinating, and More

Another month, another lineup of games you’re able to grab if you have a PlayStation Plus subscription. The next batch of games have been announced and will be available to get…

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PlayStation Plus March 2017 Games Include Tearing, Severing, and Jamming

Another month, another six games are added to PlayStation Plus. I feel like I don’t need more of an intro than that. Check out the Playstation Plus March 2017 games…

PS Plus September

September’s PlayStation Plus Games Take You on a Journey

On the first Tuesday of every month the Instant Game Collection updates, allowing anyone who has a subscription to PlayStation Plus to nab a few games. September’s games have been…

PS Plus August

PlayStation Plus Games for August Revealed

It’s that time of the month again! Owners of Sony’s PlayStation Plus service will once again be able to grab six games for their various PlayStation devices, including space pirate…

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Dark Souls 3 beta preload now available for US PS+ members

If you’ve signed up for the Dark Souls 3 beta back in September, you live in the US and you’re a PS+ subscriber, then you can now preload the beta…

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PlayStation Plus Free Titles for January 2015

Sony announced yesterday the titles coming to PlayStation Plus in the new year, January 6th, 2015. Although the PlayStation 4 offerings for January were already known for quite some time,…

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PlayStation Plus Free Titles for December 2014

Sony has announced its PlayStation Plus free titles for December 2014, which will replace the current roster on Tuesday, December 2nd.


Driveclub’s Latest Progress Update Still Offers No Word On PS+ Version

A Facebook update by the developers of Driveclub on the progress of resolving ongoing server issues, that have been a thorn in the game’s side since launch, makes no mention…