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Gravity Rush 2 4

Gravity Rush 2 Online Mode Shutting Down

While 2017 has been a great year for gaming with many fantastic releases, not all of them are going to do as well as one would hope. Gravity Rush 2…

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Gravity Rush 2: Another Story: The Ark of Time – Raven’s Choice Review – A Title Longer Than the Game

Gravity Rush 2 was supposed to come out in December, but when Sony realized it was packed in between Final Fantasy XV and The Last Guardian they pushed it back…

Gravity Rush 2 4

Gravity Rush 2 Review – Upside Down and Inside Out

When the PlayStation Vita launched in 2012, it had a couple of solid games in its launch window. The most notable of the bunch was Gravity Rush, a unique title…

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Horror Gaming Obscura – Siren: Blood Curse

What game comes to mind when you hear “things go from bad to worse when you hear the sound of a siren”? If you said Siren, then congratulations! You cheated and…

2016 10 06

Gravity Rush 2 Delayed to January

Some games are delayed because they need more time to be finished. Other games are delayed because something broke at the last minute. Gravity Rush 2 is not being delayed…

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Gravity Rush Remastered Video Review: Fly Like An Eagle

Coming in at $29.99 and hitting store shelves today, Gravity Rush Remastered takes the cult hit PlayStation Vita game and brings it to the PlayStation 4, with a nice fresh coat of…