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A Game of Rejects: A Chat with Glen&Devan About Escape the Room?

There’s some real weird stuff in the indie scene. At a recent PlayCrafting event I got a chance to see tiny studio Glen&Devan. They were showing off Escape the Room?,…

Project Beach House Interview Glen Hosie

A Conversation With Glen Hosie About Project Beach House

One of the games I encountered at Playcrafting’s Spring Play 2017 Expo was Project Beach House, a work in progress by Glen Hosie. One of the interesting things about Playcrafting expos is…

Playcrafting Spring Play Expo 2017 Recap

Playcrafting Spring Play 2017 Expo Recap

I had the pleasure of attending Playcrafting’s Spring Play 2017 Expo on Thursday. Like the many Playcrafting events I had been to before, I saw developers and attendees of all stripes uniting…