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wwe 2k16 getting fingered

WWE 2K16 Review – Has Attitude

The official WWE licensed wrestling franchise returns to PC, building on the lackluster offerings of last year’s effort to continue developing its simulation aspects. Love or hate this new direction,…

WWE 2K16 Rusev and Ricky

WWE 2K16 Roster Weekly Final

No special news this week, Raptors. Hulk Hogan still hasn’t responded to my requests for an exclusive interview, snubbing us for Good Morning America. This is the final Roster Weekly…

WWE 2K16 Cactus and Dude

WWE 2K16 Roster Weekly 79-101

Friends, Raptors, countrymen, lend me your eyes. The roster announcements are coming to an end soon, and I feel like we’ve gone on a journey together, a journey of complete…

WWE 2K16 roster weekly

WWE 2K16 Roster Weekly 39-56

We’re back once again for Roster Weekly, where we’ll put names to the promised 120+ unique characters! This week is a little late because we had some press footage of…