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WoW The Burning Crusade

Felmyst, A Burning Crusade Private Server, Launches Open Beta

With the famous World of Warcraft private ‘Vanilla’ server Nostalrius covered in extensive detail here at TechRaptor, it seems only fitting that The Burning Crusade (BC) Felmyst server receives some attention too,…


Nostalrius Admins Teasing Relaunch of Vanilla WoW Server

Fans of the “good ol’ days” of World of Warcraft may soon see news of classic servers, even if it is not through official (or legal) means. Earlier this year,…

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Prominent World of Warcraft Vanilla Server Shut Down By Blizzard

Private servers have been a part of MMO culture for as long as the genre exists, and they have been a particularly stinging thorn in the side of the developers…