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Xenoblade Chronicles X

Xenoblade Chronicles X gets a Cheesy Pre-Order Bonus

There certainly have been some unique promotions over the years for pre-orders. Some have gotten you the ability to have you receive your own island, while others never actually get…

Ubisoft Logo

The Key Games Publisher Tactic: Hide and Wait

One of the major problems in my mind with the gaming industry’s current condition has everything to do with how effective one strategy in particular is. Every day a new…

Arkham Knight Delay Header

Batman’s Guide to Preording Arkham Knight

With the next and final installment in the Batman Arkham franchise releasing in less than a month it’s time to take a look and see what you really get when…

Witcher 3 Header 2.0

There Are No More Reasons To Pre-Order

These days it’s popular to hate on the pre-order; in fact I believe House Biscuit has chosen “We do not Pre-Order” as the official words of their house. That said, I’d be…

the dead linger

[Updated]The Dead Linger: Early Access Woes Over Indie Zombie Sandbox

Ed note: Portions of this article have been removed/changed for as they included too much speculation and/or opinion. The Dead Linger started as a promising Kickstarter back in 2012, raising over $150,000.…

Coins Header

Trends, Greed & the Gaming Industry

Updated Editor’s Note 11/7/2017 – In an effort to further commit to our editorial vision of quality content about nothing but games or the industry, we are leaving this note…

batman arkham knight Harley Quinn

More Details on the Batman: Arkham Knight Harley Quinn Pre-Order Bonus

More details on the Harley Quinn pre-order dlc have come to light. Shown on an Amazon page for Batman: Arkham Knight, it is revealed that the Harley Quinn dlc will be a prequel…

ACU Glitch

IMO: Lesson of 2014: Do not Pre-Order!

And so, the year of 2014 has come to pass. Happy New Year to all you lovely readers! Did any of you make any New Year’s resolutions? I did. ”…

Pillars of Eternity opener 660x330

Pillars of Eternity Pre-Orders Now Available

One of the biggest gaming Kickstarters of all time is closing in on its Q1 2015 release date, and with that comes an opportunity to pre-order the game.

Aliens Colonial Marines

Don’t Believe the Hype! A Little Skepticism is a Good Thing.

Critics and gamers alike are issuing sighs of disappointment in the wake of Destiny’s release. Once again, a game has failed to deliver the experience promised by its publisher, and…