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$9 Off No Man’s Sky, Everything Shadow of Mordor Only $6

No Man’s Sky is receiving its first ever discount post launch for the PC via Green Man Gaming this week. The Steam key at 15% off is a rare deal indeed, given how…


Postal Redux Review: No Return Address

Nineteen years. That’s right; it’s been nineteen whole years since Running With Scissors released the original Postal on PC. The isometric twin-stick shooter came out to controversy with a vengeance,…

Postal Release Dates Announced

Postal: Redux Receives PC Release Date, PS4 Release Info

Postal: Redux, a HD remake of the 1997 twin-stick shooter Postal, has been long awaited since its announcement earlier this year – today, Running With Scissors has announced that the game…

POSTAL Redux Announcement Trailer converted

Exclusive: Postal Redux to Feature New Ending

Earlier at EGX Rezzed we had a chance to talk with Jon Merchant of Running With Scissors regarding the upcoming Postal Redux and one of the most interesting things that he revealed…

POSTAL Redux Announcement Trailer converted

EGX Rezzed 2016 – Postal Redux Interview With Jon Merchant

EGX Rezzed 2016 is currently taking place and with that, a whole slew of great games to play and people to interview! Our very own Alexander Baldwin (Interviewer) and Jesse…