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Bridge Constructor Portal

Aperture Labs To Begin Vehicle Testing In Bridge Constructor Portal

This morning Headup Games, the creators of the physics puzzle game Bridge Constructor, have announced that their next product will require them to apply a coat of Aperture paint and…

GLaDOS Portal Character Selects

Character Select: The Ghost in the Machine – GLaDOS

Machines are almost always a major enemy in the gaming world. Alien to human beings, these automatons can be as ruthless and sadistic as any madman in existence but twice…

Rocket League Portal

Rocket League is getting a Portal crossover

Starting on the first of December you will be able to use Portal customization items in Rocket League. The items that are unlocked in this update are also completely free…


Shoestring Gaming 29/1 – Risen and zombies? Now that’s thinking with portals!

Welcome to Shoestring Gaming, a weekly segment where we help to highlight some great deals from across the internet. This week we are going to be looking at games from…

silent protagonist 2

What Makes a Good Character and Why a Silent Protagonist isn’t One (Part 2)

The silent protagonist. Think of one, any of them. There are literally hundreds of them, some of which have been our most beloved characters of all time like Mario, Gordon…

PSP Education Games

Videogames & Education: Endless Possibility

Digital gaming and education have very few memorable titles,“Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing” and “Oregon Trail,” the Pioneers of “gaming” in the classroom and the most memorable educational games for the…