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Fez is Coming to iOS Soon

Polytron has announced that Fez will be making its way to an iPhone or iPad near you at some point in the coming months. This news comes from an announcement trailer…

Allistair Pinsof

Our Interview with Allistair Pinsof Part 2 – Relationships in Indie Gaming

A writer and editor turned game developer who has previously worked for websites such as Destructoid and the Escapist, TechRaptor was lucky enough to talk to Allistair Pinsof  for a…

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FEZ Review

Story The storyline to Fez is extremely weak. The protagonist has a pretty cliche motivation: saving the world, but plenty of good games have done the same, so that is…

Phil Fish Indiecade 660 330

Conflict of Interest At Indiecade

NOTE: Before this article was written, a request to Indiecade was made for comment on the matter with no response received. UPDATE: See bottom of article for information from Indiecade.…

Phil Fish

Phil Fish Puts Polytron and Fez Up For Sale

The past week has been a nightmare for gaming journalist websites with the recent incidents involving the now infamous Zoe Quinn.  On the one hand, if the allegations are true, this brings…