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Pokemon Blue Articles

pokemon red and blue

The Year of Pokémon – Pokémon Generation I

Come one, come all! Welcome to another brand new series for TechRaptor! Last year, we dedicated a year of content to one of the biggest RPG franchises in the world,…

pokemon crystal 3ds preview image

Head Back To Johto When Pokemon Crystal Launches On Nintendo 3DS

Fans got to revisit Kanto in the rereleases of classic Pokemon titles Red, Blue and Yellow: Special Pikachu Edition and once Johto with the release of Pokemon Silver and Pokemon Gold for the Nintendo3DS eShop earlier…

games done quick

Summer Games Done Quick 2016 Concludes, Raises $1.3 Million

The summer session for the speed-running group Games Done Quick has come to a close, after a week of live streaming classic speed-running titles. The organization, which was streaming for…

Pokemon VC Preview

Pokemon Virtual Console Games Won’t Have Quick Saves

In anticipation of the release of the classic Pokemon Red, Green, Blue, and Yellow on the 3DS virtual console it seems some more information has been released about the games.…

Pokemon 20th anniversary

Pokemon 20th Anniversary Events

Pokemon’s 20th anniversary is this year and in celebration The Pokemon Company will be releasing all kinds of special editions of the trading card game, the original video games, 3DS…