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Fran Bow Devs Begin New Project – Different Galaxy

Telling the tale of a little girl stuck in a mental health hospital who tries to get home by shifting dimensions while being pursued by a malevolent entity, Horror point &…

the last door season 2 title

The Last Door: Season 2 Review – Subdued Horror

Continuing from the first season of spooky episodic point & click adventure The Last Door, Season 2 aims to wrap up the tale of a Victorian-era secret society bent on…

Shardlight Title Card

Shardlight Review – A Shattered City

I previewed Shardlight not too long ago, and I moved onto the full version of the game not long after the preview went to press. The preview build ended on a bit of a…

Shardlight View

Shardlight Preview – The Light of Civilization

When I attended Playcrafting’s 2015 Fall Expo, I asked the TechRaptor staff if there were any particular games they’d like me to check out. A few people pointed me out to…

Fran Bow

Fran Bow Review – Drug-Fueled Adventure

This is a late review. Last we heard of Fran Bow was in a September interview conducted by a former TechRaptor writer who may have followed up on his interest…