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the search

Indie Adventure The Search Launches Easter Weekend

While the kiddies are hunting for eggs this Easter weekend you could be hunting for clues in a new indie adventure game called The Search. Releasing April, Friday 14th players…

thefrostrune 14 rene aigner

The Frostrune: a Spooky Norse Point-and-Click Adventure

Norwegian indie developer Grimnir Media has recently launched their first project, a point-and-click adventure called The Frostrune. Released the first week of February on Steam, the App Store, Google Play…

burlymeanatsea feature

Burly Men at Sea Review- Visual Storybook

The visual novel genre thrives as a niche both on Steam and major mobile platforms. With so many available for purchase, choosing a single game becomes overwhelming and it can…

Fran Bow

Fran Bow Review – Drug-Fueled Adventure

This is a late review. Last we heard of Fran Bow was in a September interview conducted by a former TechRaptor writer who may have followed up on his interest…

2015 09 05 00002

Dropsy Preview – A Clown on the Town

There’s not a lot of games where you can play as creepy clowns who don’t kill people. Dropsy is a point-and-click adventure from developers Tendershoot, A Jolly Corpse and published…

Epanalepsis 1

Epanalepsis Review – Player Unfriendly Narrative

Ah, narrative-driven games with impenetrably vague narratives. My old arch nemesis. Well, some exceptions can be made. Dear Esther, Limbo and Lone Survivor are some of my favorite games. They’re not…