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Netflix Launches Offline Play For iOS And Android

Netflix has announced that offline play is now available. A widely-demanded feature, Netflix now joins competitors like Amazon Prime Video and Google Play in allowing users to temporarily cut the…

Playstation 4

Sony takes a step back, PS4 DLNA Support removed

So far, all of the Playstation 4 news has been nothing but good, and exciting. Yesterday, however, Sony took a slight step back and announced that the PS4 would have…

Windows 8 Plex App

Plex for Windows 8 Review

Plex is a phenomenal media solution for people with a ton of digital media, who want it organized, categorized, and kept track of. I recently switched to Windows 8 on…

Plex Media Server e1391564220748

Plex Media Server – An all in one media solution

I’ve been personally been using Plex for months, and have come to the conclusion that it is the best solution for anyone looking to view their media collection on any…