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PlayStation Now Header

PlayStation Now Cancelled on Everything but PS4, PC

The list of PlayStation Now compatible devices will shrink to just two this August, Sony announced in a PlayStation Blog post yesterday. The service will soon be available on just…

playstation vita

Native Userland PlayStation Vita Hack “Henkaku” Released, Allows Homebrew

Everyone remembers that the PSP was more or less a hacker’s dream. A strong, mobile device that could emulate game systems better portably than any other hardware at the time,…

Playstation TV

Playstation TV is No Longer Being Shipped In Japan

Sony has ceased shipments of the Playstation TV within Japan according to an article by Dualshockers. The entry for the product on the Japanese Playstation website now has the label “出荷完了” which…

Breath of Fire III Ryu and Nina

JRPG Breath of Fire III Coming to PlayStation Network in February

With the middling returns of some major JRPGs in recent years – think Final Fantasy XIII – many fans have made their preference known for games with a more classic…

playstation tv deal

Playstation TV is Currently Selling for $20

The Playstation TV is a remote console that can be used to play PS Vita, PS1, and PSP games, as well as remote play with the Playstation 4 and on…