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Google Pixel C

“Gooligan” Android Malware Found, 1M Accounts Breached

Security firm Check Point Software Technologies has found malware that has breached more than One Million Google Accounts. They’ve named this malware campaign “Gooligan”, and claim it is breaching a…

Pixel C

Google Announces Pixel C And New Chromecast

In addition to new Nexus devices, Google has also unveiled an updated Chromecast and a new Android tablet. Curiously, the tablet does not replace the existing Nexus 9. It also…

Nom Nom Galaxy 1

PixelJunk Nom Nom Galaxy Preview: Delicious Soup

Nom Nom Galaxy is a game about soup production. No, no! Don’t leave! It’s good, I swear. It also features mining and landscaping, with a huge focus on automation and…