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Terraria Otherworld

Terraria Otherworld Restarts Development With New Team

Nobody ever said game development wasn’t a messy affair. A little over two years ago, Terraria Otherworld was first announced, a space-set spinoff of Re-Logic’s pixelated survival darling Terraria, developed by Engine Software, the Dutch team…

Prominence Poker Heading Mayor

Prominence Poker Preview – One-Outer From Busting

The month of June is always Poker month to me, mainly because it is the time when the World Series of Poker officially begins. For six weeks, it’s constant action…

Prominence Poker RPG

Prominence Poker, A Poker RPG, Now in Steam Early Access

One of the more unique combinations to come along in a while, is a poker role-playing game. Seems like strange bedfellows in that regard, but Prominence Poker, which was developed by…