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Pinball FX2 – Bethesda Pinball Review – Bumper To The Knee

The pinball wizards over at Zen Studios have been crafting licensed tables for theirĀ Pinball FX platform for over three years at this point. Most of the time, these tables are…

star wars pinball force awakens

Star Wars Pinball Awakens for The Force Awakens DLC

Zen Studios, those purveyors of digital pinball, have announced their next table pack, and it’s an update to their Star Wars Pinball lineup. This couldn’t be timed better considering that…

archer pinball

Archer, Family Guy, and More Coming to Pinball FX2 Next Week

Zen Studios have finalized the lineup of four tables for the “Balls of Glory” DLC pack coming to Pinball FX2 and Zen Pinball next week. Based around the animated sitcoms…