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iPhone Low Batt

Battery Status could be Used to Track You Online

A web standard which lets site owners now the battery percentage of your battery apparently can track your mobile phone anywhere you go online. Not only that, but privacy researchers…


Verizon To Limit Unlimited Data Plans

Droid-Life is reporting that Verizon plans to put limits on their remaining unlimited data plans. Their sources say that all users that use “an extraordinary amount of data” will be…


Virginia Court rules passcodes protected

Judge Steven C. Frucci, a Virginia Circuit Court Judge, made a ruling today that may have implications on security matters across the United States of America. Ruling on the case…

htc one e1401402471463

HTC One E8 Announced

HTC has just announced the HTC One E8 on it’s Chinese website. Originally rumored to be called the HTC One Vogue edition,the handset sports a plastic finish as opposed to it’s…


[How To] Reset Your Phone Right

Have you noticed recently your phone just doesn’t feel like your phone anymore? It’s acting a little slow. Apps start closing unexpectedly. There are delays when you try to text,…


The Moto X: The next big ‘meh’

Earlier this week Motorola and Google officially released the Moto X phone. It’s the phone that you design and assembled for you right here in the good olde U-S of…