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jp morgan tweeted this 1925 letter from winston churchill to the bank

UK PC Build: The Churchill

So, to finish up the last of our international builds (for now, anyway), we have the Brits. Or anyone who uses the Pound, anyway. As usual, 700 in currency, and…

gretzky nyr jersey

Canadian PC Build: The Gretzky

I’m a Canadian. Lived here all my life. So take it from me when I say prices for PC components get crazy up here. Like Australia, not a lot of…


German PC Build: The Panzer!

Last week, I did an Australia PC build, and had a bit of trouble because of the lack of Amazon, and some crazy prices. This week, we’ll be looking at…

81rE90oJrYL. SL1500

Australian Computer Build: The Kangaroo

So for November, we’re going to be doing different computers for different areas of the world, starting with Australia. First thing I noticed was a lack of parts on Amazon…

Rutledge PC Build

Recent PC Build – AMD Based System

I recently built a new PC, and wanted to share it with you, my readers. I also attached the Amazon and Newegg product links so you can look at the…