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no mans sky

6 Games Saved By Updates, Relaunches, Or Just A Great Big Patch

Plenty of games launch a little rough-around-the-edges. We could probably all list dozens upon dozens of games that launch riddled with bugs,¬†graphical glitches, scripting issues, or horrifying demon faces from…

Mass Effect Andromeda Cover

Mass Effect: Andromeda Single Player Getting No More Updates

BioWare has released a final statement regarding Mass Effect: Andromeda, addressing longstanding rumors regarding the fate of the game’s single player. According to the statement, the last patch update, 1.10,…

The Division Incusrsion Patch

The Division Hotfixes Deleted Characters

The release of¬†The Division‘s latest update was marred by some pretty game breaking bugs, that have quickly turned the subreddit for the game into the world’s largest source of sodium.…