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Private City of Heroes Server Shuts Down After ‘Doing The Impossible’

Over the weekend, the launch of a private City of Heroes server was made public after most of the game’s code was released online, in part to the revelations regarding…

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‘Secret’ City of Heroes Server Revealed; Developer Responds to Drama

Back in 2004, a new MMO titled City of Heroes, by publisher NCSoft, was launched. The game became a massive fan favorite, spawning two expansion packs and 24 major updates,…

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[Updated] Epic Games Releases Paragon Assets For Unreal Engine Developers At Zero Cost

Epic Games has released over $12 million worth of high-quality assets from their soon-to-be-defunct title Paragon for Unreal Engine developers to work with according to a blog post on the company’s…

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Epic Games Shutting Down Paragon April 26, Refunds Available For Players

Paragon, Epic Games’ foray into the MOBA market, is closing down forever on April 26, 2018, according to a news post on the game’s official website. First announced in late…

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Paragon is a third person massive online battle arcade where teams must traverse a beautiful, three-dimensional landscape to capture the other teams Core.

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Paragon Impressions – Fun with Friends, Not Competition Ready

Is there anyone who actually likes MOBAs? It feels like most players have an ongoing love-hate relationship with the genre, assuming they don’t outright loathe it even as they hop into their next…

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Epic Games’ Plans for Paragon

The free open beta for Epic Games’ new third-person perspective PC and PlayStation 4 multiplayer 5v5 online battle arena (MOBA) game Paragon now fully underway. Despite the game having no official release date, Epic Games…

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July PlayStation Plus Games Announced

It’s time for games again! Sony has announced the six PlayStation Plus games that will be available for your PlayStation devices in July and it includes new releases, some wild…

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New Hero and Balance Changes Added To Paragon

Epic Games has revealed the first now character joining their upcoming MOBA Paragon. As of today players can eat souls and crush enemies with a giant hammer as Sevarog. Check out the…