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KekRaptor: Soulja Boy Announces Crank That! Game for Playdate

Earlier today, Soulja Boy Interactive Inc. announced that it is partnering with Playdate developer Panic to release Crank That!: Adventures in Souljaland as an exclusive launch title for the upcoming…


Panic Introduces Playdate, a $149 Handheld Device

Software company Panic only recently moved into the gaming sphere by publishing Firewatch (in 2016) and the upcoming Untitled Goose Game. Now, they have bigger plans by releasing a new handheld device called…



Spend a summer of the past in the Wyoming wilderness, seemingly alone except for a solitary voice on a radio.

firewatch review

Firewatch Has Sold Half A Million Units In Its First Month

Controversial as that ending might be, it is hard to deny that Firewatch stuck with many people due to its mysterious setting and the gorgeous visual style. Now some data regarding…