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Nerfs For Mercy & Junkrat Coming To Overwatch’s Public Test Realm

The Overwatch PTR has some nerfs in store for both Mercy & Junkrat according to a post from Principal Designer Geoff Goodman on the game’s official forums. The changes were…

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Overwatch PTR Buffs Ana, Nerfs Mercy

If you’ve been keeping track of or playing Overwatch lately, you may have noticed that Mercy has become quite a common sight. Ever since her rework in the Junkertown update,…

Overwatch Laranja Lucio Witch Mercy Junkenstin

Overwatch PTR Is Tweaking Mercy & Lúcio

The Overwatch PTR (Public Test Realm) is currently tweaking Mercy and Lúcio according to a pair of posts by Principal Designer Geoff Goodman on the game’s PTR Feedback forums. The first post…

Overwatch Mercy Uprising Resurrection

New Overwatch Patch Hits PTR, Buffs Genji, Hanzo and Reaper

Blizzard Entertainment has released a new patch to the Overwatch Public Test Realm. These changes and fixes can be tested by players before they send it to the live servers. If you want…