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Injustice 2: Red Hood Coming in June; New Trailer Released

The development team behind Injustice 2 has just released a new Red Hood DLC trailer. The first character to be released from Fighter Pack #1, Red Hood will be available…

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Bullet Points – Outlaws’ Marshall Training

Twenty years and a fistful of days ago, LucasArts released a little game by the name of Outlaws. In case my previous two writeups on the game didn’t make it clear, I…

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Outlaws – Game Series We’d Like to See Resurrected

FPS games have covered a wide variety of settings before. Gamers have looked down the barrel of a gun everywhere, from the golden age of piracy to Mario’s Mushroom Kingdom, but it…

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First Person Saturday – Outlaws

Two weeks ago, I covered Call of Juarez: Gunslinger, an excellent western FPS. That game got me dying to find more western first person shooters, so I went to one…