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PlayStation Social Media Hacked by OurMine, Claims Database Leak

OurMine has claimed to have hacked PlayStation’s social media today, as well as claiming they got access to the PlayStation Network database. What that information they may have seen is…

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OurMine and the Misuse of “White Hat” Hacking

If your local channel news and weekly crime TV shows are to be believed, hacking is an artform commonly overlayed with intense music where the stunning anti-hero or cunning villain must…

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Sony President Shuhei Yoshida Becomes Latest OurMine Victim

Hacking group OurMine has been making a name for themselves by hacking people like Markiplier and DDOSing Pokemon Go this past weekend. That hasn’t stopped them though from seeking even more high…

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OurMine Claims Responsibility for Pokemon GO Downtime

Pokemon GO servers have had issues since the game was publicly released. While most of that is due to the game’s massive popularity, some stem from more malicious intent. The hacker…