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Orion Trail Takes Off With Full Release

Another Indie Game has done it, with a stealth launch hitting the market before everyone was expecting it. Orion Trail is the kickstarted sci-fi space adventure game that raised over $95 000…


From Disney to Indie – An Interview with Jesse Schell

After discovering their new game Orion Trail on KickStarter I was delighted to discover it was being developed by Schell Games and was lucky enough to snag an interview with the CEO…

orion trail

Indie Interview – Dave Bennett of Orion Trail

After seeing that there was a KickStarter aimed at recreating the 70s classic American school pastime Oregon Trail – IN SPACE, I had to get in touch with the people behind the…

orion trail

Orion Trail Preview – Weaponised Warp Weasels

I had neither heard nor cared about 70s educational game Oregon Trail, until I watched a Let’s Play where the circumstances were so tense I was immediately sucked into the…