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Google Introduces PAX – The Android Networked Cross-License Agreement

Google has announced PAX, the Android Networked Cross-License Agreement for devices in their software ecosystem. PAX – no relation to a certain webcomic convention – is intended to make it easy for…

Toonz Castle In The Sky

Toonz Animation Software To Go Open Source

Toonz, a piece of software for animation, will be open-sourced. Toonz was recently purchased by Dwango, who announced the changes today. On Saturday March 26, a free version of the…

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Does This Study Actually Prove Bias Against Women in Open Source

A recent study has been all over the media recently, and it claims to show both that women in open source are more competent than men and that women face…

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An Interview With Azura Sun About Accessible Video Game Design

Sol is an open source video game for Windows and Linux developed by Azura Sun. According to the website, it will be released without DRM, allowing for custom modding and…