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John Romero Quake multiplayer

John Romero Refutes Tim Willits with the Real History of Multiplayer Only Maps

In a recent blog post, John Romero has refuted claims made by Tim Willits that he invented the idea of mulitplayer-only maps during his work on Quake. The claims were…

trilogy keyart logos 1200x628

Wargaming Partners with WB for Nolan’s New WWII Film

Christopher Nolan has a new action thriller film coming out this summer called Dunkirk and has partnered with Warner Bros. to promote it. The film is inspired by an…

for honor cover

For Honor Season Pass Offers Early Access to Free DLC

For Honor‘s release date of February 14th is fast approaching and publisher Ubisoft have now detailed the content that will included in the obligatory season pass. In an almost identical…

Terraria Microsoft Xbox One Multiplayer

Terraria Update Affects Xbox One Online Multiplayer

The popular action-adventure title Terraria recently received an update that is causing problems with its online multiplayer gameplay. Publisher 505 Games warned players yesterday that an update (version KTCP-20160531) for…

Rainbow Six Siege Logo

Rainbow Six Siege Will Lack A Single Player Campaign

News coming out of EGX today as WhatCulture caught up with Rainbow Six Siege‘s art director Scott Mitchell. When asked about the game’s single player component, he was quoted as…

TitanfallReveal e1374628125877

Titanfall – Future War

As the dust settles from the madness that was E3, after all of the debate between Sony and Microsoft’s coming Next-Gen console releases, we have one clear-cut winner of the…