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In Archangel you get to play as a giant robot. Punch robot wolves, launch rockets, and gun down a ton of enemies as you try to save the world from…

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Mortal Blitz Review – You Got Your Bulletstorm in My Time Crisis!

My continued love for rail shooters has only been strengthened by virtual reality. One of the best things to come out of the VR craze (at least for me) is…

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Dexed Review – Fire & Ice

As on-rail shooters continue to find a home on VR, developers are beginning to try and find new ways to present the genre. Ninja Theory’s attempt at this is Dexed, which…

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Gal*Gun: Double Peace Review – Schoolgirl High

Sometimes there are games that simply speak to you on a truly intimate level. Some will suck you in with a compelling narrative or truly unique mechanic and then hours of…

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Gal*Gun: Double Peace Preview – You Make My Heart Doki-Doki

I don’t know where to start. Gal*Gun: Double Peace is a game that a lot of people thought simply would never get a Western release. The first title in the…