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Idol JRPG Omega Quintet Brings Singing to PC December 15

Britain-based publisher Ghostlight Games announced today that they’re bringing idol sim/JRPG Omega Quintet to PC on December 15th. This port comes three years after its original Japanese release, and over two years removed…

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JRPG/Idol Simulation Omega Quintet Coming to PC

Ghostlight Interactive has announced that they will be releasing Idea Factory’s game Omega Quintet for PC later this year. The game is a cross between a Japanese role-playing game and…


NepuNepu Connect: Chaos Chanpuru Announced

In Compile Heart’s quest to bring the Neptunia franchise to every genre of gaming in existence, a new project called NepuNepu Connect: Chaos Chanpuru has been announced. NepuNepu will be…