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NSA Reported to Be Spying on Communications Between Congress and Israel

The Obama administration is under heavy criticism after it was reported that the NSA was spying on communications of Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu, and in the process scooped up…

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EFF and Access Now Discuss Encryption with White House Representatives

In response to an online petition asking Obama to publicly affirm support of strong encryption, White House officials issued a response that they would meet with the leaders of the…

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Politicians Double Down on Encryption Hysteria

Presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton has already called for Silicon Valley to work together with law enforcement on an imaginary middle ground solution that undermines encryption while still protecting privacy. In…


Obama Administration To Give Up On Legal Backdoor In Encryption

The Obama administration has announced it will not be seeking a legal mandate for backdoors into encrypted services, FBI Director James Comey has announced. During a hearing in front of…

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Obama Announces Plan to Bring Internet to Low Income Households

President Obama recently announced ConnectHome, a new program which aims to bring cheap High-Speed internet to low-income households. The President states that the impetus for this program is a growing…

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Obama Partners with Tech and Gaming Companies to Fight Cyber Threats

In response to acts of cyberterrorism, such as the recent Sony hack, Obama has called for greater cooperation and information sharing between private companies and the government, in order to…

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Obama Endorses Net Neutrality

After months of worrying and FCC posturing, including protests and a leaked hybrid plan, President Obama released a clear statement today on Net Neutrality.