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2017 02 01

February’s PlayStation Plus Games Include Action, Platforming and More

Another month, another bout of PlayStation Plus games available for PlayStation console owners. As usual there’s two games available for the PlayStation 4, 3, and Vita, though thanks to Cross…

Humble Bundle Logo

Humble Bundle Puts Out Devolver Bundle

Humble Bundle has put out a new bundle this week, focusing on independent games publisher Devolver Digital. This week’s Humble Bundle offers 8 games along with a coupon, and promises…

Not A Hero Deadly Ninja

Not A Hero Gets Playstation Release Date, PS Vita Version Cancelled

Indie shooter Not A Hero got a concrete release date for the Playstation 4! The game, made by Roll7 and published by Devolver Digital (Hotline Miami, Serious Sam), will be…

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Not A Hero — Polygon Rebuttal

If you’ve been watching TechRaptor at all today, you’ve probably noticed a wave of Not A Hero coverage – our review was a bit late  and we spent some time…

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Not A Hero Review – A Hero to us

This is an odd review for me – most of the time I review games in genres I play a lot of and am actually good at. By that I…