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GamePump’s First Title Is Likely To Be LIT

The first title that will most likely be published through GamePump’s subscription service is LIT, a “horror puzzler” that was originally released for the Wii’s WiiWare platform in 2009. The information originates…

Disney Infinity 3.0 Set

Disney Infinity Online Services Shutting Down

A few months ago Disney confirmed they were ending the Disney Infinity toys-to-game line and canceling future updates to Disney Infinity 3.0. Now it seems they’re taking another step and…

Deadly Creatures Header

Gaming Obscura: Deadly Creatures

Ever wondered why the vast majority of video games have humanoid protagonists? Outside of most space shooters and omnipotent “god mode” like games such as Civilization, the presence of human-like…

Travis Touchdown Edit

Suda 51 Would Like to Make No More Heroes 3

Suda 51 expressed interest in returning to the No More Heroes franchise during an interview with Edge Magazine. No More Heroes was a smash hit as far as we were concerned,…